• Thermostat Replacement

If your refrigerator (fridge and freezer) stops running we can replace the thermostat with a genuine manufacturer’s part for optimal reliability.

  • Poor temperature control

If your top shelves seem warmer than the bottom in the fridge compartment or the temperature appears fine in the morning but deteriorates during the day is one of the more common problems we see. 
This is often symptomatic of an underlying issue which requires intervention to ensure safe storage temperatures.

  • Fridge Compartment is warm but freezer is normal

A common problem that we repair successfully on a regular basis.

  • Excessive Frost

Excessive frost is abnormal in a freezer and affects the temperature. We can identify the cause to minimize it.

  • Water and Ice

If your Water Dispenser stops flowing or drips we can help. If your Ice-Maker stops producing ice we can repair or replace the necessary components.

  • Ice on the floor of the freezer

A frequent fault which usually gets worse and the expanding ice can be potentially very destructive. We can eliminate the cause and save lasting damage.

  • Water Leaks

Water Leaks can easily be repaired but if not addressed quickly can seep into the insulation of the appliance, damage surrounding kitchen cabinets, stain or warp flooring and help promote mold under floor coverings. We would urge owners to act immediately if a leak occurs.

  • Fridge Light Bulbs

A simple bulb replacement can make a world of difference, We supply all types.

  • Noise

Unusual mechanical noises or beeping can come and go. We can help you get a night’s rest.