Testimonials (What Our Clients Says About us)

What our customers think of us is important and we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service to everyone. We encourage all clients and customers to leave us feedback on their experience. Take a look below to find out what recent customers thought of our services.

““To start my dryer had a burning smell which then I took apart to see the panel being burned out which I then decided with Around the House on Sunday. I went on their website and set an appt for Monday. Fixers Force Technical Services LLC followed up with me on Monday morning came out fixed it in under an hour. Now for service Fixers Force Technical Services LLC – was super friendly and nice guy. I would recommend to anymore – it’s a solid safe and professional choice for appliance repair!”


“Fixers Force Technical Services LLC has been servicing my Sub-Zero and Scotsman appliances for over 30 years. This company is so good that whenever I need to replace an appliance, I only buy what they service. The technicians are first rate: They really know their appliances and won’t waste your time or money with needless repairs. They are friendly, smart and completely trustworthy, so much so that my “Go-to” Tech, Steve, knows where I hide my house key!”

Cindy Burrows, Valued Customer

“I would not hesitate to call Fixers Force Technical Services LLC for any appliance need. We have worked with several appliance repair folks in the past, and they are the BEST! On-time, knowledgeable, and extremely fair in pricing. We are definitely passing their name on to friends and family!
Effortless and Reliable. It was a wonderful experience! He was fast and reliable, and he arrived on time.”

J. Bova

Superior Appliance Repair has consistently provided me with prompt and dependable service. You can trust this company to treat your home with respect at a reasonable price. This firm is the best I’ve ever worked with!”

D’Arcy D.

“Thank you so much for your hard work! Definitely worth a try. Professional and on time.”

Kelly Ann

“7. We had an excellent experience with Fixers Force Technical Services LLC. A few minutes later, they had my refrigerator back in working order. It was a pleasure doing business with him. “

Jenn M.